With a solid wood veneer top layer and innovative Hydri-Core™ plastic composite core, Colonial Plank™ provides moisture resistant performance and hassle-free maintenance for any level of the home or office.

  • Real wood veneer adds warmth and sophistication
  • Innovative plastic composite core outperforms engineered hardwood flooring
  • Uniclic® floating system locks together with ease and installs over most existing hard surface floors
  • Moisture resistant performance on any level of the project
  • Crystal clear HardMax® finish with superior Nano Technology
  • 25-year residential and 5-year light commercial warranty


Construction: Solid Wood Veneer Top. Plastic Composite Core
Finish: Urethane/Aluminum Oxide
Dimensions: .30” Thickness x 4.92″ Width x RL to 48.03″ Length
Molding/Trim: Complementary Moldings Available »
Installation: Uniclic Floating System
Coverage: 19.70 Sq Ft. Per Carton
Warranty: 25-Year Residential, 5-Year Light Commercial

HDPC™ Wood and Bamboo Solutions

When only the natural beauty and warmth of hardwood or bamboo will do, look to Wellmade to provide innovative High Density Plastic Composite™ (HDPC) flooring solutions.

Guaranteed to outperform traditional engineered flooring, HDPC wood solutions couple the performance virtues of composite flooring with the unique “character” of real hardwood or bamboo flooring. Waterproof core resists moisture emissions from below, unlike solid or engineered wood flooring.

HDPC, a patent pending core technology, surpasses the performance standards of existing composite flooring. Increased density and hardness with superior thermal properties results in a dimensionally stable and waterproof core that may be floated virtually anywhere. Installation is quick and easy, eliminating flooring adhesives, vapor barriers, underlayment and/or padding.
With a proprietary blend of virgin PVC, calcium carbonate and plasticizer additives, HDPC from Wellmade, is a non-toxic formula backed by FloorScore® indoor Air Quality Certification.

HardMAX® Nano Finish Technology

Extraordinary hardness, superior abrasion resistance, and crystal-clear visuals. HardMax® Nano Finish Technology places Wellmade at the forefront of tough, easy to maintain and commercially-rated flooring finishes.

Polyurethane coatings coupled with aluminum oxide “Nano” particles form a tough and transparent UV-cured ceramic finish. Featuring high strength and excellent thermal stability, Nano Finish Technology remains flexible enough to withstand seasonal movements in flooring while resisting scuffing, scratching and topical stains.

Care And Maintenance

While Wellmade finishes are among the industry’s most durable, simple routine care and maintenance will ensure years of hassle-free enjoyment. Follow these simple instructions to ensure lasting performance while protecting your flooring investment.

  • Sweep, vacuum or dust mop regularly
  • Wipe up spills immediately with a damp cloth
  • Mop floors with recommended flooring cleaner
  • Use throw rugs at all exterior entrances
  • Use felt pads on bases of chairs, tables and furniture
  • Never slide heavy furniture across flooring

Elegance Underfoot