HardMax Finish™

Wellmade’s HardMax finish is among today’s most durable flooring surfaces, featuring a proprietary formula of UV-cured acrylic urethane with aluminum oxide for added performance.

  • 13-coat aluminum oxide finish boasts almost twice the industry standard 7-coats
  • Superior scratch resistance supported by ASTM Tabor Abrasion tests
  • Top coat cleans with ease using “off the shelf” hardwood floor cleaning products recommended for use with prefinished flooring

Bamboo Color and Shading

A wide variety of color and shading may be represented within each style of bamboo flooring, creating a rich mosaic of natural hues that adds to the beauty and character of the final installation.

Bamboo is a natural product. As a result, no two planks are exactly the same and variation in color/shading can increase or decrease within each production run of flooring. While Wellmade makes every effort to accurately represent color/shading variation on dealer supplied showroom samples, it remains virtually impossible to show the full spectrum of possibilities on one sample board.

As a general rule, traditional horizontal and vertical products are color sorted during manufacturing to reduce (not eliminate) variations in color and shading. On the contrary, strand woven floors are packaged with multiple colors/shades within each carton to increase color/shading variation, enhancing the character grade of the floor.