Wellmade Unveils “HDPC” Line

By Reginald Tucker

Wellmade is taking the wraps off what it refers to as a new generation of waterproof core products. Dubbed high density plastic composite flooring (or HDPC™), these performance-oriented floors were designed for a variety of environments, from residential to light commercial.

The new HDPC™ line, which is being marketed as “En Vogue” planks (an extension to the existing Nouveax collection), features Wellmade’s innovative co-extrusion process, which seamlessly molds vinyl wear layer, waterproof core and vinyl backing into singular planks – all without the use of adhesives. Other key product specs include an 8 mil wear layer in an overall 4mm thickness. More than 40 colors are available.

“Wellmade’s HDPC™ technology represents a new generation of rigid core flooring products,” said Steve Wagner, director of marketing. “Developed by Wellmade, the HDPC™ core features a proprietary blend of elements that when co-extruded with our vinyl wear layer and vinyl backer results in floors with increased density and hardness. Substantially more rigid than typical WPC products, HDPC™ reduces vertical deflection and increases dimensional stability. And because HDPC is truly a closed cell product, it’s 100% waterproof and outperforms existing rigid core products at higher temperatures and overall environmental extremes.”

Retail pricing ranges from $2.99 to $4.99 depending of surfaces texture and edge treatments.